Our Mission
Our mission is to support all athletes to achieve their W1NS, no matter how big or small.

Our Slogan
“L1VE to W1N”
Regardless of where you are at on your fitness journey, you can w1n. Attitude is more important than image.

Shawn and DeeAnn Roundy

Our story is over 15 years in the making. My husband, Shawn, and I have grown from college athletics and undecided majors to successfully navigating executive levels of retail and brand management. We haven’t just grown our careers we’ve also grown our family, which plays an integral part of our brand. Shawn not only designed the V1KTOR logo but also sacrificed his dream car so we could start this business, our son Zane named the company, and DeeAnn left her career to focus on V1KTOR Athletics full time in Feb. 2015.

Our day to day lives involve raising three kids, running a household, staying involved in church, kids activities, and striving to make the most out of life. As one would expect there is a certain level of insanity that comes with the territory. Throughout the years the one way we have been able to keep our sanity in tact is through our passion for fitness, not only in pushing ourselves to the best we can be but in pushing each other along the way! Time after time we set the bar higher and push ourselves further than we could’ve imagined and have accumulated the bragging rights of every competition we can find to participate in – from road races, mud runs and obstacle courses to body building competitions, friendly pick up ball games and of course being our kids biggest cheering squad as they learn to set goals and achieve them in their own sports, fitness and other activities. We love competition because Competition drives. It drives us to do better, to be better and to push ourselves further, it makes life fun, and supports us to become our best!

As both passionate about fitness, competition and become better everyday, We wanted a brand that was not about us but lays a platform for YOU to become the Inspiration. As much as we love to accomplish and become our best, our brand is Not about us. It is about You and the impact you each can have everyday in achieving your w1ns and inspiring others to achieve their w1ns. We are excited to have you apart of our journey, our family and more importantly understanding the vision we have to make a difference.

L1VE to W1N!
Shawn and DeeAnn Roundy

The Inspiration for V1KTOR Athletics
Dennis and Vicki Dryden

I (DeeAnn) grew up living in the Gym daycare, watching my parents go to Raquetball, aerobics classes, soccer games, hiking, and pretty much anything active. We hardly ever ate sugar cereals and my mom was known for trying out the latest Tofu dish to keep us all eating right. Basically my childhood was about being fit, active and healthy. I didn’t know it at the time but I was lucky to have such great examples of living right.

As I got older and realized how blessed I was to have such great examples of being fit I was inspired to be my best. As I reflect on why my parents inspire me, I realize it isn’t about their consistency, desire or even their discipline. What truly inspires me is their attitude. They don’t complain, boast (well maybe sometimes in fun:), or try to bring others down. Their passion for fitness is just truly about being a better person and making others better around them.

A few years ago my mom had surgery to take out a tumor in her knee. In this operation she lost muscle and nerves that would make it difficult for her to ever have full use of her knee again which meant no running, no racquetball, no aerobics and if you know my mom this meant losing a part of herself mentally and emotionally with this operation. But she is a determined woman. Since then she has up to 2 hours a day (at all hrs. of the day) doing physical therapy. Although she has always been a healthy eater she has also made dramatic changes in her diet to build muscle and allow her body to recover and she has never complained. I know the road has been tough for her but she now has regained enough movement to walk, do the elliptical and start biking with my dad. It is a miracle where she is now. My parents have set the example of a L1VE to W1N attitude. I am so proud to have them as the initial inspirations for this company. They inspire me to not just be my best but to appreciate the journey along the way. The W1N is the checkpoint but the Journey is what makes you stronger. Thank you Mom and Dad for being my inspirational V1KTORS.

As a faith based family, we believe in being closed on Sundays. This allows our team a day to focus on family, friends, faith or get much deserved rest. This is typically Saturday night 11pm ET to Monday 5am ET as our website is manually closed and opened so please allow some flexibility in our Sunday closing until we can get a better automated system in place.